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Diana Peterfreund

Author of the For Darkness Shows the Stars and the Omega Cities Series

and the new mystery novel, In the Hall with the Knife, begining a trilogy based upon the CLUE boardgame.

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Saturday, Oct. 19th

Historic 5th Street School

401 South 4th St.

9 am - 6 pm


     This Library is the whole hog.  Let's hear it for the Guinnasium!



— Spammy from Minnesota

       The information at the On-Line Guinnasium is, in a word, Guinntastic, like me.  There is so much here, that students may need to have a second head sown to their neck to contain it all.



— Mr. Guinntastic from the planet Guinntopia"

    Buiodf jdka  dkaljeioa  fjkal; pjklaeior diodne buirka: mklioep, qnkee, iendei nkditpg pghpr!



— Blob from where abouts unknown

     "When I'm not trying to take over the world, I get all of my info from the online Guinnasium.  It rocks!"

— Li'l Joker from Gotham

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