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When School's Out,

You Can Still Put Some Knowledge In!

Check out all of the resources here to help you feed your BRAIN!

If you want read, check out the Reading Apps menu above.  There are a lot of selections available for you to explore. Just follow Mr. Guinn's directions to get the App and the log in information. 


Also check out Student Center at the top of each page of the On-Line Stacks.  This site has test practices, tutorials and downloadable ebooks in Math, English and Social Studies.

Also check out the test prep page.  We may not be testing this year, but wait until next year!

On the ELA page there are site where you can also download book in the by public domain for free.

The Science page offers several volumes of Science experiments.

The Technology page has sever resources to help you learn coding.

You can also check out the links below.


Create an account here to take free online computer science classes.

An online learning toolbox with free science activities and materials addressing public health topics around COVID-19 as well as other science activities.


     This Library is the whole hog.  Let's hear it for the Guinnasium!



— Spammy from Minnesota

       The information at the On-Line Guinnasium is, in a word, Guinntastic, like me.  There is so much here, that students may need to have a second head sown to their neck to contain it all.



— Mr. Guinntastic from the planet Guinntopia"

    Buiodf jdka  dkaljeioa  fjkal; pjklaeior diodne buirka: mklioep, qnkee, iendei nkditpg pghpr!



— Blob from where abouts unknown

     "When I'm not trying to take over the world, I get all of my info from the online Guinnasium.  It rocks!"

— Li'l Joker from Gotham

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